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In legal terms the responsibility of the HHO or Fuel Vaporizer or fuel saver circuits falls into the hands of the driver. We can supply you with the parts and instructions. Please remember safety is no accident.

Call us with any questions, if we are not attending the phone you can e-mail us your questions. We left up all old instructions for reference and knowledge. Some of the cell designs are not available and moved on to better designs.

Listen to this video, all 10 parts, if you want to hear about this technology. Not a myth or a crime. Hear it from the man who is ahead of his field, from a recent Hydrogen Show. 2/09 Then listen to Chris Patton's interview with Bob,
part 1 - part 9. updated 8/21/23

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We have been providing HHO water fuel cell kits since 2007

Complete HHO kits for I4, V6, V8
.6L up to 15L engines, diesel or gas

Download the .pdf & .jpg files below. * Please note : We give away all of our instructions to our valued customers & their friends & family to further the addition of HydroxyGas™ to better our lives. To learn about the use of hydrogen & oxygen. A wonderful energy source to pursue. Please don't copy this info. and paste onto some other websites.

In 2019 we joined up with Hydrogen Generators USA We took over their 12 year cell design, modified to fit Bob Boyce™'s 1981 H2O sealed series cell design patent. We will cleanse and condition the H2O cells to comply with his license.

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update 4/20/24


Volo FS2-HHO-Edition • FS3 • VP12 .pdf

Volo OBD II Install / Solder instructions 2023

Volo FS2 OBDII Install Instructions

Volo Troubleshooting

Volo Install VideoVolo Results/HHO/Fuel Vaporizer

Volo VP-16 install software download

Volo VP-16 installation Guide

Volo Vp-16 Auxiliary Guide/PWM maps for HHO

More Volo VP16 and HHO Installation Info

Please read them all before installing.

D7 and S7 Hookup Diagram

S7 & D7 Installation update 2020

PWM15 & PWM30 hookup schematic diagram

PWM15 & PWM30 instructions

Blue Dash Controller Features

HydroxyGas™ Dryer Install Instructions (9/14)

Rich Varble / Hydrogen Generator USA instructions

Global Hydrogen 50 amp PWM installation Video
Download the .pdf manual

Condensation Drain Tube/Plug Diagram
For installs where the outgas hose goes down and back up.

INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS (2008 till 2/22/15)

How to mix the Electrolyte and water

How to wrap toroids.

HydroxyGas™ Dryer Install Instructions (9/14)

Ice Block 77 install on a 2000 Jeep Cherokee

HHO Install Troubleshooting

Buddy's Fuel Vaporizer - You must e-mail us to get it.

Carbureted engine hho gas install

Under the Hood WiringRelay Wiring

New Clear Cell Assembly • 13 plate

Clear Cell Addendum • 13 plate (5-2010)

Clear Wrap Addendum • 13 plate (11-2011)

Clear Education Cell Assembly 11 plate (10-08)
(Large .pdf file, be patient on the download time. My friend made this new instructions, with less typos & another view of how to build it. I recommend downloading both versions, the assembly is tedious, but well worth the pain, once the cell is gassing off the wonderful Brown's egas • ortho-hydrogen with a PWM )

Clear Education Cell Assembly 11 plate (8-08)
(Large .pdf file, be patient on the download time)

Bob Boyce® 100 Cell Box Instructions

D & N Engineering - Klondike Darol's Instructions

The Original EFIE Instructions (4/14 update)

George Wisemen EFIE adjust video

D-EFIE test & explanation
(4/11 update)

EFIE Instructions

18/1 Enhancer Instructions
A good explanation of how an EFIE works

Good install video of an EFIE (The 18/1 EFIE is very simular)

18/1 Espanol Instrucciones

DIY Dual O2 Sensor Circuit Instructions

Handy Resistor Color Code Calculator

The EIFE the O2 & What to do about my newly
added Hydrogen & Oxygen to my car's fuel injection system.

(updated 6/08)

How to adjust your new "Air/Fuel Mixture Display" and learn
how the "Tuning of your Air/Fuel Ratio" is done.
A very recommended reading if you bought a Air/Fuel
LED display kit from us.

(electrolyte) for the BEST DEAL!

Newly Purchased ScanGauges Include Add-A-Gauge™ & XGauge.

Add 25 more gauges to your Scangauge II

Download the ScanGaugeII instructions All customers who
buy a Scangauge II from us, please ask us for the
Scangauge II hydrogen booster capabilities info.

Will the ScanGaugeII work on my vehicle?
Will the ScanGaugeII be able to clear my trouble codes and
turn off my "Check Engine" light?

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can be at your home tap!

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