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HG S7 HHO Cell Kit  This complete hydrogen boosting kit is made  for I4 to V6 size engine. ( 1.0L engine up to 3.0 L)  S7= single 7 plate cell 7" x 7" cell x 3" thick.  We use only 316L Stainless plates. USA PA. steel. Comes with everything you see in the photo. Comes professionally cleansed and conditioned.  ( add $50 for full cleanse, for dyno testing, otherwise it will cleanse as you drive, you will have to flush out the first month, replace the electrolyte/water mix.) These cells will last a long time, for we do not erode the plates with heat, these cells produce a cool HHO gas. Hydroxy Gas™ We are licensed to sell Bob Boyce Sealed, series H2O cell design. Time tested Bob Boyce® ortho hydrogen cell design. A real efficient cell  design, hard to compare tp other HHO cells on the market today, always stays cool.  Easy to hook up. Takes 4 to 8 hours to install everything. We send you instructions after you order. Please follow them to a tee, even if you have install HO cells before. Bob says “No one listens to me,” He is a wealth of knowledge working as a DOD scientist, for over 40 years. This configuration allows cell to output up to 1.5 LPM. When cell is conditioned correctly it can pull 12.5 amps per liter. (13.8 volts)  Kit includes PWM controller and wiring harness , RF Choke+ and Inducter- toroid pair. ( not a bag of parts), digital display of ”Duty Cycle %” and “Frequency”  for the dash board, cable, D7plate cell, elbow & straight fittings, 10' of clear hose, 'Y' hose fittings, refill bubbler tank, Hydroxy air dryer, simple wiring harness, fuses and a FS2 Volo HHO-Edition circuit for OBD II cars and trucks only. ( 1996 and newer cars) Older cars 1987 to 1995 we send a EFIE instead.  Go further gains with a Darol Mason Circuit.  The Volo FS2 circuit is made for your make, model, year of car. 98% of all cars and truck are available. Or choose VOLO VP15 or the new VP16 (2019) Cell comes assembled, you will just have to do the install and do the wiring and mount the cell in safe place. Comes with downloadable instructions.The cell block is 4.0” thick, 7.00” tall and wide.
Approx. amount of LPM (liters per minute) of Hydroxy gas boosting (hooked up with a PWM, making "ortho-hydrogen") needed for engine size : V8 cylinder engine ( approx. 5L engine) - 1.0 LPM to 2 LPM
Take it a step further and add a Fuel Vaporizer Kit and or a Darol Mason's 25 years in the sales of his tried and proven circuits
Please allow a few days or a week to process your order. When you first order your CC is authorized, we do not charge you until the ship date.
Shipping costs for this cell kit fits into one USPS Large Flat Rate box and one Medium Flat rate Box. $30.00 for US shipping is all it costs and approx. $150 to ship USPS Priority Internationally.
(We send everything except the NaOH electrolyte ( lye) we do not have hazardous shipping license.)

One  year warranty.  Please follow our install instructions to a tee. You must install correctly to keep the warranty and yuo do not damage the cell design. Most want to crank way too many amps and cook the cell and ruin everything. Terms and conditions of HG, click here

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PWM 369
Fuel Saver Mike's PWM
Volo VP16 with touch screen and PWM
Tank Size page
ECM Sensor Controller  /EFIE

Darol Mason D&L Circuits
Scangauges/Ultra-Gauge/Dash Touch Screen

Video of a 2004 BWM install of HHO with S7 kit. Way more HP! 4 more miles per gallon. Use the cheaper fuel.Exhaust is now clean smelling, cleans out carbon

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