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Home of HYDROGEN TRUCKER!  HHO - Hydroxy Gas™ from WATER ) Burn all the fuel you purchase! Complete the burn in the cylinders by adding approx. 2LPM of ortho hydroxy gas all from WATER, made on demand. We are licensed to sell Bob Boyce™ 1981 patented H2O Series, Sealed Cell designs. We produce the greatest % of Ortho H2O gas, that bonds to carbon like glue and then blows it all apart! in the cylinders. No more hot burning fuel down your hot exhaust manifold. Runner cooler, quieter, and with more torque and more horse power. SAVE 10% to 30% on all diesel engines.

CHECK OUT the mileage SAVED and DYNO  RESULTS on a diesel VW TDI, 2015. up to 70 MPG.

Check Out our DIESEL VAPORIZER "Diesel Fuelizer"


Beware of cheap Chinese Ebay HHO cells that do noting for MPG savings,
They give the true HydroxyGas™ water fuel a bad name.
Learn from the top here at Hydrogen Garage

Bob Boyce recommended studies, 2012

"Modern HHO Technology" video from the Tesla Tech Conference 2015

Tell me about that DRINKING WATER SMACKER device!

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