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Buddy's Fuel Vaporizer and Volo FS2 OBDII Combo Sale!   Gives you up to 25 – 40% Better Mileage. 1 to 1/2 hour install. Volo FS2 install - tJUst plug here in. More info on the OBD II port is here.  Designed for any gas engine. Dones not work on diesel. With old carbureted gas engines, or fuel injected engines with OBD-I systems (1987 to 1995). you do not need an EFIE or Volo FS2/FS3  or Darol EFIE circuit. 1996 to 2022 gas engines, OBD-II systems (1996-2020) This combo kit includes by default a Volo FS2 modifying circuit. We program the circuit for your year, make, model car or truck. Installation photo. 

For the OBDII plug, we need you to take a photo of the pin population or write them dwon and e-mail to us. Double check for accuracy. E-mail info at hydrogengarage dot calm

We added Volo & Darol's EFIE options, Volo VP15 (OUT OF STOCK ON VP15's, 11/11/22 ) We also have Volo VP16, add $200 and get a ECM on dash touch screen monitor ( like a Scangauge and EFIE all in one)

Check out Darol's Circuits for even more MPG gains! Volo FS2 takes 1/2 hour to install. Volo15 you program onm a PC Windows 7 or newer. ( Mac not available) in 10 minutes and just plug into your OBDII port. No wiring or soldering. Go even further with the new Volo VP16, a EFIE and ECM on dashboard Monitor, all in one.

Gasoline Fuel Vaporizer Explanation 5/13, Volo FS2 & Fuel Vaporizer results 9/13

This is a gasoline fuel vaporizer crossed with water vapor injection designed to add fuel and water vapor into the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) circuit of your intake manifold. PCV already draws waste fuel vapors out of your crankcase to add them to the intake air to be burned in the engine. This system just adds a lot more vapor to that to be burned much more efficiently. One customer with a 460-V8 with dually tires work truck, that pulls a heavy trailer, went from 6 mpg to 14 mpg! No one believes him, is the problem!

References for vaporizer's results :
94 Cadillac Seville,  4.9L V8 +45% (18 mpg to 34.5 mpg)
94 Plym.Voyager, V6 +43% (18 mpg to 25.8 mpg)
2004 Kia Sportage with VoloFS2 +33% (24 mpg to 32 mpg)
94 Plym. Voyager, V6 +43% (18 mpg to 25.8 mpg)
95 Dodge Caravan, V6 +43%(18 mpg to 25.8 mpg)
91 Ford Explorer, V6 +38% (16 mpg to 22 mpg)
74 Chevy PU, V8 350 +53% (9 mpg to 14 mpg)
95 Ford Duelly, V8 460 +133% (6 mpg to 14 mpg )
98 Ford Explorer, V6 ( orig 17mpg with Volo and vaporizer 23.5mpg or +38% better).
98 Toyota Camry, +25% and counting, better mileage

Comes with installation manual .pdf file once you order.

This product has been tested as working well as described here in when installed properly. Be cautious as fuels such as gasoline are highly flammable. The buyer assures all responsibility, and indemnifies, and holds harmless “Buddy’s Inventions” and associates for any accidents or damages.

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