RF Choke & Inductor Toroids

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RF Choke and Inductor Toroids. Radio Frequency Choke (+) and Longitudinal Inductor.(-) They come in a set with 10" leads to and from the iron core center. We wrap the correct metal mix iron cores the correct direction and with silver coated copper, mil. spec. super conductive wire on the inductor toroid. The (-) inductor captures the non-hertzian femtosecond pulsing. The RF Choke stops the pulsing and wrapped with copper wire. Your HHO cell creates a magnetic field between each plate, so let's enhance this field by adding more Longitudinal energy into the HHO cell.  The Inductor toroid and RF chokes help increase gas output by 10% to 15% more gas!! No more volts, no more amps, just more gas! They enhance the (-) negative spike in your pulsed signal from your PWM. The positive choke stops the pulsing from entering your vehicles electrical system. The (-) negative inductor captures the Longitudinal energy. Try them, you will like them. A great experiment in longitudinal energy that is all around us. Also helps increase the power of your gas! True Hydroxy Gas is 4x to 10x more powerful than common para hho gas. Choose #10 awg or #12 awg.

#10 has 14 wraps, for higher amps 7.0L to 15L engines

#12 has 18 wraps for 2.0L to 6.0L engines

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