S16 • 9X16 Hydroxy Gas™ Cell Block

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HG's S16 (9X16) Hydroxy Gas™ Trucker Cell System Designed for 6.0L to 10L engines gas or diesel.v 9”x 16” x 2” Cell block. 6 cells, 7 plates, for 12v/14v engine power. (24v is available)  We use only 316L Stainless plates. USA PA. steel.  Dimension view click here. SAVE 10% to 20% on fuel costs. Burn all the fuel you purchase, no more hot burning fuel down the manifold to the DEF filter re-burn.  Cleans emissions HC by 80% and N0x by 90%. 12/14 volt  DC power. 6L to 10L diesel engines.  Produces 1 LPM ( 1 liters per minute of (-) charged Hydroxy® Gas) 15 amps @13.7volts. ( 12 amps @13.8volts) You install the cell block behind front bumper or between front bumper and radiator.  Water tank and Dryer above the cell.  Order complete kit here.

You only need a small amounts of this static cling form of hho, we call (-) Hydroxy Gas™ that BONDS to (+)carbon! Two year warranty on all parts!. 30 years of research behind Bob Boyce®'s Series Cell 1981 patent design, electronically cleansed and conditioned to his spec.s.
Just add WATER (Distilled or R.O. water, reverse osmosis water) at every gas station fill up, you fill the water tank. Easy maintenance. Simple flush out system, once or twice a year. This HHO kit saves you money. Burn all the fuel you purchase, rather than have 20% of it going un burned out the exhaust pipe.

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