KOH 'Potassium Hydroxide'

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KOH Potassium Hydroxide, Lye, Food Grade  2 lb. bottle
(We no longer sell KOH, go to Amazon and type in " FOOD GRADE KOH" and buy from them) We can not ship Internationally, sorry you must buy in your country, due to the hazardous shipping for it is caustic soda. We use NaOH for all our hho cells, it will produce gas a cooler temps, even below 0º f As KOH will not make gas until 45º f For cold climates use NaOH, for warmer climates you can use KOH, both produce the same quallity of HHO ( Ortho h and o) DO NOT USE BACKING SODA, it will make carbon monoxide when burned in the cylinders. DO NOT USE AN ACID elecrolyte either! Only caustic soda. KOH leaes a clear crystal residue, when leaked out, as NaOH produces a white crystal. ( Mix up a bottle of 1/2 water an 1/2 white vinegar in a spray bottle for safety when handling KOH Or NaOH, it will neutralize the caustic soda in seconds, spray on your skin to take off the slick feeling of KOH melting off the outer layer of your skin, no joke, that is how lye soap cleans by taking off a layer of skin and dirt.)

The best grade of sodium hydroxide. When the quality of the caustic matters most for your electrolyte. This grade is also Food Codex / FCC / Kosher certified, with a Certificate of Analysis included.  All products are shipped in easy-to-store, easy-to-use re-sealable HPDE containers. Will come in a separate box, direct from the chemical company.) Ships ASAP!

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