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AFR MONITOR GAUGE Will work on 98% of all cars, SUV's and pickup trucks. (1996 to 2016)  You hook it up to your under the dash OBD II port. Comes with dash mount bracket. Monitor everything that is going on with your engine. Up to 78 different gauges to monitor, with a full adjustable menu. MPG, RPM, Calibration features.

The AFR Monitor communicates with the vehicle's computer to capture real time vehicle data via the OBDII in order to provide a broad range of features which include:
    •    Fuel Economy - Instantaneous MPG, Average MPG, Distance to Empty, Time to Empty, Fuel Used, Fuel rate, etc.
    •    Engine Parameters - RPM, MPH, Engine Load, HP, Torque, Coolant Temperature, Intake pressure, and many more
    •    Trouble Codes - Display trouble codes and potential trouble codes. Clear the Check Engine Light
    •    Performance - Provides acceleration and braking times, such as 0-60, 0-100, Quarter Mile, etc.
    •    Emissions - Check the emissions readiness of your vehicle
    •    Alarms - create alarms for any gauge to warn of such events as coolant temperature too high.
    •    Manufacturer gauges - Access hidden manufacturer gauges such as Transmission temperature. Manufacturer  parameters are those not included in the OBDII standard. (MX and wireless Ultragauge only)
    •    Trip gauges - Monitor Average MPG, fuel used, Average Speed, etc for trips
    •    Metric - Ultragauge supports both English and Metric units simultaneously
    •    Much more
    •    May not work on diesel semi trucks that do not have the rectangle shaped OBD II port. For diesel round 6 or 9 pin port, you can use the Scangauge D

We use the AFR Monitor to view the AFR senosrs to tune your added HHO or Fuel Vaporizer. We have a Narrow Band O2 sensor AFR Controller  or Wide Band o2 sensor AFR Controller


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