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The WATER SMACKER PRO Model  is a dual powered Water Smacker.  Charges twice as fast/

It only draws 2 to 2.5 watts from a small12 volt DC powered transformer to a 120v wall outlet. The PRO Water Smacker has 4 Tesla coils inside, inside of the standard 2 coils, charges your water twice as fast. Fully micro-clustered water molecules and also erases the memory completely in 24 hours. The standard Water Smacker takes 48 hours to fully micro-cluster every water molecule in the bottle. The memory of the water is erased and the sub bass tone, htat you can not even hear. The hum tone of the earth, approx center is frequency of 7.5hz. UL approved and a 2 year warranty included. You got two years to try it out. Very few ever returned. A water smacker should be in every home.
We have 12v adapter plugs for USA 120v AC
. EURO 240v and Aus/NZ 220v adapters.

Select your plug at the bottom of the page. We send you by default a USA 120v 3 prong plug. If you live in Europe, you will need the 240v 3 prong plug. Other option is the 220v NZ/Aus. plug. Power plug reference page. Choose plug in below option box.

Learn more about micro clustered water on this site. Download the Instructions.

Vieo of Bob Boyce, the inventor on how it works. ( 8/5/17) Also check out our VIDEO LIBRARY

The standard Water Smacker for $370.00 is here.  More information as well.


UL approved and a 2 year warranty included.

Check out the TESTIMONIALS •  Water Smacker Video Library

2D vs. 5D Water VIDEO ( D = Dynamic qualities of the water. This video explains it all to you.) 12/7/17

Listen to Bob Boyce®  ( the inventor) talk about the Water Smacker.

Charged micro clustered water cleans your blood, takes out cholesterol, and blood plague remover. Read our testimonies on blood plague removal. Smacked Water rejuvenates your body, is antioxidant. Try staying away from the+carbonation in soda, they are a  acid bath to u bodies,. Smacked water will clean you out. Live longer, more energy, all your cells and body water goes alkaline, don't worry you will get plenty of acid from coffee, tea, beer, wine. Lemonade, ice tea with lemon, lime or oranges, are
body alkaliners that does not dilute 99% of all victims with cancer have an acidic system. Most store bought bottled water is acidic! and needs a pH boost! Great for Cancer patients. We have to claim this is NOT a medical device.
results with a 24 hour charge, best to keep it charging. We recommend a dry out from the non stop charging, ever couple of days let  the chamber, dry out for 15 to 30 minutes. Condensation is more on a hot summer day. More need to let it dry out.

Download the Instructions.(.pdf file)

We do offer a Share A Sale affiliate program, if your interested in selling the Water Smacker on your website! If interested contact us. We drop ship for you! Help spread this new great healing product!

* We ship out all Water Smackers with US 120v wall transformers, unless you choose EURO or Aus./NZ wall transformer below. Thank you.


The WATER SMACKER is now patented! Patent granted on 1/8/2019!  A small part of a larger patent of the Chi Box.

We have to claim this is NOT a medical device.

Please  tell us who sent you? Who referred you?  Who told you about the Water Smacker? Please fill out the "referred part below"  The Water Smacker is a partnership that includes our sales people. We work together to get the Water Smacker knowledge to the people. Thank you all and may God bless you all.

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