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Introducing the Air Smacker a 100% negative Air Ionizer. It captures the (-) Non-Hertzian energy that is all around us and flows it out the top of the Air Smacker pst the stainless brush, multi-(e-field) antenna.

It helps to erase bad energy patterns in a room. It emits the Schumann Resonance into the room.

Can be run 24/7 as it only draws 2 watts of power. Plugs into any grounded 120v or 240v outlet. We supply a 12v transformer.

Most Air Ionizers are AC or DC powered and produce only (+) ions. Positive + air ionizers have an acrid smell, not good for health. Used to kill bacteria and other pathogens in rooms. NOT TO BE INHALED! They only sterilize the room they are in.

The AIR SMACKER enhances your breathing air and will also erase harmful energy patterns in the room that you may have collected from being around vaccinated people that are now giving off nano sized spike proteins. The virus pathogens are + and this air is now (-) charged. The (-) knocks out the + pathogens.  MORE INFO HERE.

We are not shipping Air Smackers, just yet. You can order with Credit Card Authorization, and have a Air Smacker shipped in October. We charge your CC on the day of shipment. We have a feeling we will be over whelmed with orders, once we announce it to our e-mail list. 9/10/21

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