Safety Bubbler & Spark Arrestor

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Safety Bubbler & Spark Arrestor  We include this clear tube bubbler in the B3 kit, as the B3 kit has no bubbling water tank. Great for tight spaces under the hood.

Comes with :
1) 8" tall clear Acrylic Tube, 1/8" thick wall, max. temp - 180º.
2) Two black rubber plumber's caps w/hose clamps, top rubber cap comes punched with 2 holes.
One for tubing IN and one for the nylon elbow.
3) Nylon elbow with 1/2" threaded nut to secure no-leak tight fit.
4) 8' feet of 3/8" ID x 9/16" OD, clear/reinforced vinyl tubing, high quality & chemical resistance. Working temp. 140º, 68 durometer.
5) Downloadable Instructions.

* The Safety Bubbler/Spark Arrestor serves 2 purposes.
1) Stops any flashback to your cell. The flashback would hit the bubbler first and knock the caps off before going into your cell & ruining your cell. ( Flashbacks cannot go past the bubble under water.)
2) Cleans your egas from any electrolyte vapor. Provides clean hydrogen & oxygen to your air intake.

* Also note flashbacks are rare, mostly only seen on bench testing. If you put your cell's output hose before the air filter, no flash backs will happen. This way the egas has a chance to mix with the on coming intake air. But safety is always first. So use a bubbler anywise. Have total respect for the combustionable power of hydrogen & oxygen egas. Also making sure our egas is clean and no electrolyte vapors are entering your engine.

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