Trucker PWM60 Digital LCD Controller

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Trucker PWM60 can handle up to 60 amp spikes continuously. It will run two cells or just one. It can handle 100 volt spikes. It has 4 large mosfet siwtches inside. Our PWM's capture -35 spikes from the Non-Hertzian Realm. Can be run 24/7 at 40 amps! Does not get hot. One mosfet per cell works best! It is specially made for HHO applications. Also designed to handle the capturing of longitudinal energy as well as the EM from your battery/alternator. Thse PWM's that Hydrogen Garage makes, will help produce the 4x's more powerful ortho hydrogen and oxygen. Bob ™ marked "HYDROXY GAS™" This new version made at Hydrogen Garage has 4 mosfets and 4 fet drivers that keeps it cooler and a sharper square wave. It has freq. adjustment (1hz. to 100mhz) and duty cycle adjustment. Amp draw knob. Excellent choice for a diesel trucker application. One external fan keeps it running cool. Now features two outputs. 4 power mosfets, large 10K capacitor, extruded aluminum 1/16" thick walled box.  Heatsink, fan, a hardy PWM that will not burn up. Can handle the 24/7 trucker ride, if mounted in a box or compartment. Works good with our 80 amp relay, or 200 amp relay. It is hard to find a PWM that will switch the fets without burning them out!! We stick to low freq.s as to not destroy the fets from switching too hard and fast. Our goal to make the greatest % of ORTHO HHO.  Comes with or without the RF choke and Inductor, that produces a higher  quality gas, more % of the 4x's MORE powerful HHO gas from water  - ORTHO HHO (80%+) So say our PWM's make their cell 10% up to 50% more gas! No joke, try one out today!


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