Hydroxy Air Dryer 5"

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"Hydroxy Air Dyer"   5" filter housing, used after your bubbler to your air intake. Used to make your hydroxy gas : dryer ( hydroxy gas has more combustion power when dry) also one more step in protecting your engine from electrolyte vapor. Comes with a "one micron" air filter and heavy duty clear plastic (cool purple tint) housing. Comes with top SS brackets with SS screws, two 3/8" ID barbed nylon threaded hose fittings, one elbow and one straight, with 1/4" NPT  threaded inlet & outlet, in the lid. Total height 7". Width on top white lid is 4.5", bottom dia. is 4". For those wanting extra protection from electrolyte vapor. Will also act as a safety anti-spark arrestor. The bottom of the filter will capture the moisture/condensation, and lets your dry hydroxy gas flow quite easily through the filter. Will stop a flashback. We mount this dryer after the bubbler and before your air filter box.
Also good for installs that not do through your car's air filter, but rather to some port in your fuel injection system or carburetor and you want that air filter protection. Extra 5" filters are available. • Hydroxy Air Dryer Install instructions 

* Can also be made into a simple "bubbler" by adding a few plumbing parts. You reverse the direction of the flow and marine goop in a 4" piece of 1/2" plumbers pex tubing into the center fitting in side the cap, to the OUT and the IN become the out gas flow direction. ( Soon to be available as a bubbler kit)

* Also note the 5" white poly filter is sold in all hardware stores as 10" filters, if you cut them exaclty in 1/2 and you get two 5" filters ( 4.75") they will fit the container perfectly.

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