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O2 Spacer A easy way to back out a O2 sensor to solver the "check engine" light from goign away and taking yor car out of flood mode. Dodge mechanics use them on the 2nd O2 sensors to STOP the "check engine" that pops back on after you cear it.

The other use for the O2 spacer is with OBD I cars ( 1987 to 1995) to back out the single O2 sensor to lean it a little further with an EFIE. Please read the HG Garage Terms and Conditions first.

Installation Information

The O2 sensor should be really called a " Gas fume sniffer" It does not sense oxygen at all. They do not responce to oxygen, when oxygen from a medical tank is forced around an O2 sesnor the "Air Fuel Ratio Gauge" does nothing, but whn you put a gas soaked rag on the O2 sensor, look out! The "Air Fuel Ratio Gauge" goes bananas, it pegs the meter!!

When you run HHO you complete the burn and the O2 sensor senses way less gas fues and tell the ECM to flood it with gas, lets get it real smokey, stinky and smoggy!

We sell a Scangauge II also reads and clears codes for you.

If too much O2 is being sensed, your ECM will trigging a O2 code and therefore tells the ECM to go into open loop mode. (full gas guzzle mode. 14.7/1 - 12/1 ) Your goal is a 18/1 mixture (lean) or even leaner.
If you go past 20/1 your nox emissions start to go away!  Nox = Nitrous Oxide (burnt nitrogen) from the air. Air = approx. 78% nitrogen, 20% oxygen and 2% other gases.  Nox is bad to breathe. It is one of the 13 bad chemicals that cars produce out there tailpipes.

Anti-seize lubricant is a good idea to coat the threads of your spacer and or isolator. Simply threading your O2 sensor from the exhaust pipe, using a 17mm wrench.  Vehicles '96 (OBD II )and newer,  have two O2 sensors, one right after your exhaust manifold (pre) and one after your catalytic converter (post). Some Chevy trucks have four O2 sensors. 1987 vehicles (OBD I ) have only one O2 sensor. 17mm wrench will take out the sensor. Be careful not to damage the sensor tip. Most O2 sensors will fit inside the spacer. if not send back and we will gladly return your money.

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