DIESEL EFIE & HHO Control Center

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DIESEL EFIE & HHO Control Center  Diesel AFR Control Module Totally Automated Tstat Activated.

This unit will adapt to, and work with 95% of all Diesel powered vehicles without 02 Sensons.
MAF/MAP adjustment for leaning the fuel flow to the engine. IAT adjustment for retarding the timing and additional leaning
CTS adjustment that forces the PCM to use a leaner mapping table.

If your modern truck has O2 sensors you can get the Wide Band O2 Tuning Center. Make sure you can access the sensors, that you will add wires to. Some mdern trucks have this area all covered up with a metal shrouding, to keep you out.

YOU MUST HAVE AN OBD II PORT MONITORING DEVICE IN ABLE TO THE TUNE THE AFR CONTROL CENTER. WE SELL ONE HERE. If your diesel truck has the 9 pin round OBD II connector you can use the Scangauge D


Go check out all of Klondike Darol Mason's circuits here.

Install Instructions

The instructions mention a  Scan Tool, or Live Data Stream reader.
We sell a Ultra-Monitor and a Scangauge D and Volo VP16 that can be used as a ECM data reader.

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