Your car's O2 Sensor is really a Fume Sniffer

The O2 sensor should be really called a " Gas fume sniffer" It does not sense oxygen at all. O2 ? That is a misnomer. They do not response to oxygen, when oxygen from a medical tank is put in a plastic bag around an O2 sensor the "Air Fuel Ratio Gauge" does nothing, but when you put a gas soaked rag on the O2 sensor, look out! The "Air Fuel Ratio Gauge" goes bananas, it pegs the meter!! This was all shown in a youtube video that was taken down. The mechanic tested a few brands as well, they all did the same. His boss most of had him take that video down?

When you run a HHO booster system, especially Bob Boyce™ 's Hydroxy Gas ( 80%+ ortho h2o) you complete the burn and the O2 sensor senses way less gas fumes and tell the ECM to flood it with gas, lets get it real smoky, stinky and smoggy! Sell them gas, ya that's the ticket, we will become RICH$$!! We asked an older gentlemen who was a high up GM engineer, when we asked him, when you first came out with the ECM (Engine Control Management) did you consider those who messed with fuel vaporizing? water injection? or HHO? He replied "Oh ya, that is when we had fun, we will screw em' here if they try this and we will screw em' there." I was amazed and walked away and did not tell him what I did for a living, lol

Check out the Volo FS2Volo FS3Volo VP15

and DAROL's D & N Engineering AFR Circuits



If the O2 senses a clean burn, or lean burn it will tell the ECM "you better richen the fuel, the engine is going to get too hot". Your faithful ECM will trigger a O2 code and therefore tells the ECM to go into open loop mode. (full gas guzzle mode. 14.7/1 - 12/1 ) until you clear and get rid of this code, you will experience bad gas mileage and a smelly exhaust.

Your goal is a 18/1 mixture (lean) or even leaner. If you go past 20/1 your nox emissions can start to go away!  Nox = Nitrous Oxide (burnt nitrogen) from the air. Air = approx. 78% nitrogen, 20% oxygen and 2% other gases.  Nox is bad to breathe. It is one of the 13 bad chemicals that cars produce out there tailpipes.
In the old days your foot was the Engine Control Management, this made all Fuel Vaporizers, water injection and HHO people happy!! No ECM to battle with. We do have circuit sot combat the ECM : called an EFIE George Wisemen coined the phrase : EFIE ( Engine Fuel Injection Enhancement)

Ford, GM and Chrysler have bought out probably 100 different fuel vaporizer inventors/investors. They hate this book : "200 MPG" a free download book. and they hate WATER as a fuel WATER and OIL do not mix.

We sell a Scangauge II also reads and clears codes for you. Also a Scangauge E and a Scangauge D (diesel) 4/12/17

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