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EFIE The original EFIE by George Wisemen.

Sorry we no longer sell the EFIE by George Wisemen. Order one here. We rather recommend the Darol Mason's  Narrowband EFIE Combo or the Wideband EFIE Combo. Darol add;s a MAP sensor. We have EFIE's for OBDI cars and trucks (1887 to 1995) and also for OBDII (1995 to 2020)

Soldered up and tested. Comes with small plastic box and velcro for easy install. Only hook up 4 wires. ( EFIE  = Electronic Fuel Injector Enhancer) Good for OBDI cars and trucks (approx.1987 to 1995 cars) with single O2 sensors or two O2 sensors on each exhaust pipe. You will need to hook up 2.

The EFIE tells the engine not to increase the gas when  clean burn is sensed. The O2 sensor really only sense gas fumes, if no un burned fuel is not sensed, it tells the ECM to give it more gas to make it nice and stinky. No joke, the word O2 sensor is a mis-nomer. More info on EFIE  is here. Also comes in a U Solder Kit

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