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Hydroxy 4 Health Unit.

Your viewing the latest HydroxyGas™ for health. A portable unit that plugs into the wall socket, that will put out .333 LPM at 82 watts of power. ( liters per minute) of 90%+ ORTHO HHO gas all from distilled WATER. It will go up to 9 amps and .5 LPM. The same Ice block 77 HHO Cell we use to boost mileage is inside the army binocular box, a electrolyte water tank, a Bob Boyce™ patented H2O cell series sealed cell design The same design we have been selling for 10 years, since 2007. The PWM to pulse the DC current to spilt the water into the ORTHO spin state that can raise the pH of your drinking water in 20 minutes time, by 1 full pH level. $995.00 Hydroxy Gas™ split from WATER benefits in 3 ways 1) Enhanced drinking water, by bubbling the gas into your drinking glass of water for 20 minutes about .33 LPM, 15 minutes at .5 LPM O liters per minute) The healing effects of this type of water boosts your immune system 100%. The water takes a charge and ionizes the H in the water to a micro clustered arrangement that absorbs into your body better and fasters. A real body rejuvenator. It causes your red blood cells to go more round, move better and helps take out the simplex in your blood stream. See the video link below from a blood doctor. Wakes you up and gives you energy. Cancer cannot grow in an alkaline body, keeping for body fluids charged and ironed and alkaline, we capture non-hertzian energy from the aether to help make this higher quality of HHO gas. 2) The Hydroxy for Health can also be used in a plastic bag around your arm, leg, knee or wrist. Fill a dishwashing glove full of HHO gas to help heal : Sore muscles, Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel syndrome by placing a bag over the sore area and filling the bag with Hydroxy Gas™ It speeds up the healing process and takes pain away faster. It is amazing what this wonderful gas can do and all from distilled water. 3) Hydroxy Gas for breathing : Breathing in this gas for 10 minutes gives you energy and goes into your blood steam quickly. Makes your ed blood cells go rounder and bounce around more and removes the simplex in your blood stream. We have to make the claim that Hydroxy Gas will NOT HEAL you, go listen to your doctor. Even though is healing lung cancer by breaking hydroxy gas. Para hydrogen will not do the same, it must be in the ortho spin sate to see the benefits. A large furnace with Brown's Gas fuel can make radiation inert! So just imagine how it can help take down radiation from your body by breathing in Brown's Gas. Yull Brown a NZ scientist, discovered 36 different properties of HHO gas all from water. His highly reactive form of HHO is today called Brown's Gas. Introductory price of $800.00, with a 2 year warranty, the cell block will last a life time. http://www.hydrogengarage.com/store/i... Link to blood doctor : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVwAH... More info on ionized, charged, micro clustered water : http://www.waterpoweredcar.com/kangen/ George Wisemen = ER150 Kit that you build yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QgQex... This form of HHO gas to known to make radiation inert if burned in a large HHO furnace! Breathing this gas may? take radiation from your body. Not all HHO gas is Brown's gas or capable of ionizing your body, it must entrain longitudinal energy with a square wave pulse at the correct frequencies and small toroids help and must be a sealed, series cell design to work properly or you will waste your time making one. Just a head's up on health outside the doctor's office that most can not afford any longer. This unit could supply a whole families health for years to come! Does NOT get hot, we make a cool form of HHO gas, the only non-efficient component in this rig is the UL approved 120v AC to 12v DC transformer, it does get warm, so does the simple 12v relay and the PWM mosfets tend to warm up due to the intense switching from the 2 tiny radiant energy toroids installed. Bob Boyce™ technology. A 30 year retired DOD scientist and inventor and all around humble nice guy. A rare case in today's cut throat world. Disclaimer : This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ( http://watersmacker.com/terms.html ) This is not a consumer product, only sold for further lab testing and other HHO companies who wish to extend their product line and learn more from Bob Boyce™, George Wisemen, Darol Mason and others. More research links below : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sGk9... http://www.molecularhydrogeninstitute... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9N3... https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/arti... http://www.life-enhancement.com/magaz... http://beta.asoundstrategy.com/sitema... http://bottomlinehealth.com/should-we...
Most HHO units for sale online for breathing do not make the correct healing HHO gas. Read below :
For breathing in for health benefits you need to make 90% to 100% ORTHO HHO, the negatively charged ionized hydrogen to magnetically cling to positive ions in your lungs to help clean out the bad. The ortho spin state the H's have their own proton and they are not connected and single and looking for a mate with a negative charge from adding longitudinal energy. We do this at hydrogen garage. The negative ionized H will bond to carbon which is + and marry it and your body will eliminate the + and clean up your lungs and blood of any infections. The medical field is starting to recognize Hydroxy Gas™ as a healing electronic device, or they wish to outlaw it and see it as a threat to the drug industry. ( the 2nd part being the goal of the ..01% elite) Look up "Hydroxy 4 Health" on youtube. Most HHO cells produce 90%+ para hydrogen only. Breathing in para hydrogen (HHO) does little to clean out your lungs and blood steam. Para HHO or common hho, the H's share a proton and are still coupled together and happy and they do not bond to anything, rather they bounce off the other molecules and you exhale them out. It takes a while to learn all this and how to produce this type of HHO gas. Bob Boyce™ is the teacher. 2/17/18 Now with a beer can 500Kuf capacitor to hold the power stable with a better square wave pulse. Also a 5lb safety shut off switch is also included in the unit. Run at 3.5 to 5 amps and we guarantee 95%+ ortho spin state, the negatively charged H that now has it's own proton and is single looking for a mate, in which is the + charged disease, virus, infection, mold, fungus, is what the H gas will attack itself too like glue and eliminate it from your body, naturally.


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