Hydrogen Trucker Ammo Box

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HYDROGEN AMMO TRUCKER BOX ( 8/19 no longer in stock, working on a new design)

Perfect for 12L to 15L DIESEL ENGINES. Help SAVE FUEL, complete the burn, burn all the fuel you purchase!! Cleans yur engione as you drive. Our special Hydroxy Gas® bonds to carbon adn blows it all apart! SAVE FUEL from 10% to 24% depending on engine. Older the better. Foreign less refined diesel fuel gets better gains! 20% to 24% Euro trucks get 20% 

Comes with One 26 plate or B4 HHO CELL BLOCK, 24v or 12v system. One Gallon Water tank above the cell. One PWM70 controller, 10" filter /dryer housing. 100 amp Circuit Breaker, 80 Amp Relay. Easy drain system. 25' CAT5 cable to the dash board to Digital Ammeter and ON/OFF switch and AMP adjuster knob or set screw adjustment. 15' of HHO clear vinyl 1/4" ID hose. Two 24" of #8 awg wire to the Battery + and - Complete Install Instructions. 

Extra Options include : 1) 5lb Safety Pressure shut down pressure sensing switch. If ice clogs the out gas hose, from condensatin in the HHO gas hose, it can back pressure to teh water tank in side the box. Bob;s gas is so powerful , it can and will sparkback from ortho to para and will can cause an internal self spark back at 10 to 15lbs of pressure. Teh safety shut off stops it at 5lbs, till the pressure goes down. Will only blow off a hose=, least resistance. (add $100) 2) Water Refill System, includes 4 quart to hang on the wall of the cab, Auto refill circuit and water pump and 1/8" water tubing from cab to Ammo box tank. (add $100) 3) Heater Pads $50 for ice trucking. 4) Hose heater system $50 5) Cooling Fan for 105f+ summer months. (add $50) 6) 1"angle iron end mounts. 8.5" long to mount on diamond plate or step. (add $20) 

Weights 65 lb. USA UPS Ground shipping approx. $50.00 International shipping varies $180 to $380

Comes with no label or decals on side, choose ammo green or silver hammerite paint job on a 30mm Ammo Box 8.5" x 17" long x15" tall. Hydrogen Trucker Ammo Box More info is here.

We sell our H20 Water Cell Systems to SAVE on FUEL and clean up the exhaust emissions, simply by completing the burn in the cylinder. All that un burned fuel that would go down your exhaust manifold is now being burned up! SAVE on FUEL costs! 10% to 25%!! . We sell to all States of the Union, except California. Foreigners of the US love it! Less refined diesel fuels work best & get better MPG SAVINGS up to 50%! Hydroxy® Gas bonds to the chain of carbon molecules & blows them apart better than any other exhaust system on the market today. Blow apart the hydrogen carbons in the cylinders!! No fires on trucks, no trucks shutting down to clogged DEF filter. Cooler exhaust system. Your DEF filter stays brand new inside, never needs cleaning ! Truckers can expect 10% to 24% savings on 12L, 15L. Must be installed to our specs. ONLY BOYCE® LICENSED CELLS CAN PRODUCE 80%+ ORTHO HHO. 

NOT ALLOWED TO SELL TO CALIFORNIA TRUCKERS, due to CARB regulations. Any other state is fine, foereign countroes love the fuel savings!

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