Trucker PWM30

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TRUCKER PWM 30 with Digital Dash Controller(Hydrogen Garage Pulse Width Modulator) For 12/14volt DC power and up to 30 amps.  Comes with a Blue Dash Mount Controller Box, with a Volt and Ammeter. Digital readout of Volts, Amps, Frequency & Duty Cycle. You can adjust the duty cycle and frequency (1hz to 150Khz) We use components compatible with capturing and attracting non-hertzian (-) energy. Non-hertzian energy helps produce a higher quality form of - HHO gas. True Hydroxy Gas™, ( Bob Boyce™) "We are not trying to hit resonance; we are just trying to produce a high % of the ortho spin state. We have developed a low cost PWM controller for a H2O sealed, series cell design, to run a 9x16 Trucker Cell.  12v/14v only. DC We also have a 24v model, the PWM30 or PWM70

We can guarantee you a good % of "Ortho" hydrogen from our low voltage cell designs. The main purpose of the PWM in electrolysis is too make this magnetic hydrogen & oxygen, not(  + & -) common para hydrogen. 100% ortho hydrogen is 4x''s to 10x's  more powerful than 100% para hydrogen! Our Hydroxy Gas™ is like adding 120 octane equivlent of extra HP! Cleans out all the carbon out of your cylinders heads, rings. Also with this PWM, you can set the amp draw and it will stay close to what you set it, no matter the electrolyte concentration All brute force electrolyzers will warm up, even the most efficient ones. At the end of a day current can be easily three times as much as what you started with at the beginning of the day. Without a PWM the problem becomes finding the correct electrolyte concentration for an entire day of driving. If you start out weak then production is very slow to start out with and you lose the benefits until much later in the day. If you start out strong enough to see benefits right away, by the end of the day you're blowing fuses or greatly stressing your alternator. With a current limited PWM you set your electrolyte for the target operating current at the beginning of the day. To start the output duty cycle is 50%. Half way through the day as the cell is getting warm it may want to draw twice as much current from straight DC. ( All our PWM's are repairable, we can help you fix the PWM if ever needed. All parts are replaceable. We stock them here.)

It also hooks up with a Volo VP16 Touch Screen Controller/ECM reader. HHO gas production follows the RPM of yor engine, you design your own HHO .map. Easy to do yourself or download our HHO .maps. Program on a Windows 7 computer or newer.


Add a RF choke+ ( anti-toroid) and Inductor - toroid and gain 10 to 20 negative spike/volts to your HHO cell! Produces no more amps, no more volts on your meter, just makes more gas output!! and a higher quality form of HHO gas, all from water.

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