Fuel Saver Mike's PWM Controller

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Fuel Saver Mike’s famous Constant Current PWM with Liquid Crystal Controller and Display. (Temporily out of stock. 7/15/21) Get the ultimate in PWM and HHO Cell control at your fingertips. The LCD is used to control the PWM by setting the constant current amps, frequency, float switch monitoring and much more. During normal use, the PWM displays the volts, amps, frequency and duty percent. For more information on what a PWM is and how it works, please read here.

Watch the video of it's operation.

Our Pulse Width Modulator is actually a number of devices combined into one unit. All of these devices are needed for proper control of an HHO system:
    1.    On/off switch - Master switch for the whole system. The system can be shut off with a physicaly switch on the PWM itself, or it can be shut down in software through the LCD Controller.
    2.    Safety Shut-off, a vital safety feature - This system has 2 methods to detect when the engine isn't running, and shuts itself down automatically.
    ◦    The first method is by taking a wire from your fuel pump relay and connecting it to the PWM, the PWM will stop if power from the fuel pump relay is interrupted. The ECU will use the fuel pump relay to interrupt the flow of gas to the engine in the event that the engine shuts down for any reason. We use this to signal to the PWM to also shut down.
    ◦    As a double safety measure we do voltage sensing by the controller. The controller will watch the voltage that the system is receiving from the battery and alternator of your vehicle. If it goes below a certain voltage (adjustable in the controller), the system will shut down. Since the alternator puts out 13.5 to 14 volts when it is running, but will drop to less than 12 volts when not running, the system can detect when the alternator has stopped running and shut down the HHO system.
    3.    The Pulse Width Modulator itself, which can run at user selectable current or duty cycle.
    4.    Constant Current Function: User selects the current he wants the system to run. The PWM will automatically adjust to maintain that current. When the current tries to go above the maximum current value, the duty cycle automatically reduces to maintain the current at its pre-set value. This prevents current run away that has been common with HHO systems that use other PWMs.
    5.    Separate LCD Display/Controller giving a continuous read out of the system Amps, Volts, Frequency and Duty Cycle.
    6.    One PWM can control any number of cells, up to 50 amps total. Note, we do not recommend running this PWM above 40 amps on a continuous basis.
Sizes: PWM: The body of the PWM is 5-1/8" (W) x 4-1/2" (L) x 1-3/4" (H). The width dimension includes the mounting flanges on each side. Display: The display is 5.25" (W) x 3.25" (L) x 1.1" (H). The width dimension includes the mounting flanges.

Add a rf choke+ ( anti-toroid) and inductor - toroid and gain 10 to 20 negative spike/volts to your HHO cell! Produce more moare amps, no more volts on your meter, just majke more gas output!! and a higher quality form of HHO gas, all from water.

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