B12x12 - 14plate HHO Trucker Cell Kit

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B • 12 x12/14 Plate Trucker Cell Kit  Perfect size for a 15L diesel engine. ! New 12" x 12" stainless plates, 14 plates total. actually 2 - 7/plate cells side by side with center manifold. Very efficient cell design. (4LPM at 40 amps )12/14volts or 24/26 volts DC power source. The same surface area our old B6 Cell.  Our PWM 30 can power this cell just fine. For 15L diesel engine boosting, run at 20 to 40 amps x 12/14volts. ( 10 to 20 amps at 24/26 volts) 40 amps x 12.5volts = 4 LPM ( liters per minute of HHO gas) Complete Trucker Cell Kit. Complete with cell block, water tank, 10" dryer/filter, PWM30 with rf choke and inductor and hose and digital ammeter for the dash to control amps and ON/OFF switch.  You provide the box, that it will be mounted into. Only 8 things for you to hook up. 1) Mount the cell block into a box that you provide. 2) Mount water tank above the cell 3) Mount 10" dryer filter sideways above the water tank 4) Run the gas out hose from the water tank to the dryer filter housing, to the air filter drum from underneath. 5) Hook up two cables to the battery+ and -  6) Run a CAT5 cable from the PWM30 Controller,  that comes mounted onto the cell block, up though the firewall to the cab area. 7) Mount the digital ammeter display on the dashboard. 8) Run the Relay trigger+ wire to a 10 amp fuse in the dash fuse panel, to ignition ON only.

Choose 12v or 24v below. ( 12" deep, 14" tall x 8" wide)

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