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Hello Hydrogen Garage / Hydrogen Trucker Customer,

We would like to thank you for all your past orders and support for HHO.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! 

We have New "Stainless Steel End Brackets" for our H20 Cells.
A new option when ordering 14/7 Cell Kits and Cells

SAVE $100 this month on a ICE BLOCK 14/7 CELL Kit or a 77 CELL Kit :
( check out with sale code "2015")
Good till 1/31/15, only 1 per customer and the $100 only for the 2 cell kits above.

All Trucker cells B2, B4, B6 will have these new Stainless Steel End Plates Installed.


ICE BLOCK 14/7 CELL with new
Stainless Steel END BRACKET

Perfect for V8 engines, gas or diesel


24volt or 12volt B2 H20 Cell Kit for 12L /15L diesel engines. ( more B2 info. here )

ONLY $1500 for the 2015 HYDROGEN TRUCKER!


Class 8 trucks 10L to 15L DIESEL ENGINE H20 KITS
( 30 years of research)

30% better mileage!

Happy New Year 2015!!

Hope all is well with you! We are still in business making cells since 4/2007, PWM's and cell kits. 90% of our customers see gains. We now cleanse & condition every HHO cell to Bob Boyce's specs. Many HHO cell companies are now out of business. They came and went. Our HHO Cell Systems have 30 years+ of Bob Boyce™ research behind them. For HHO boosting with gasoline or diesel, you must make a greater % of the higher quality, static, ortho HHO gas that bonds to the carbon like glue and burns at the same speed gas burns, no pre-detonation. Called Hydroxy® Gas. Most HHO cells ( 90% out there for sale) only produce para hydrogen and oxygen. YOU WILL NOT SEE CONSISTENT GAINS WITH PARA HYDROGEN, it will be hit or miss. An engine with a many liters of para HHO that does not cling to the hydro-carbons and burns on it's own, usually way too soon and fights the engine, rather than going with the detonation speed your engine was designed for. Also you only need a little bit of this gas, not alot. 1/4 liter of 75% to 98% ortho hydrogen and oxygen to 1 liter of engine displacement. Our cells produce about 12 amps to make 1 liter, after our cleanse and condition process is finished. Bob Boyce was out in California for about 3 weeks, we produced a new Battery De-Sulfator and a new BBVRC controller ( Bob Boyce™ Variable Rate Controller) that will come out soon. It has a MAP sensor on the board for sensing vacuum, so that the cell produces low Hydroxy® Gas at idle and full set on acceleration. All programmed onto a microprocessor chip. The circuit all fits into our digital ammeter display, that we have now. Testing them now.

15L • B6 Trucker Cell SystemIce Block 14/7 Cell System • New Bob Boyce™ Battery Smacker

ICE BLOCK 77 for 4 and 6 cylinder engines ( 2L to 4L ) & the ICE BLOCK 14/7 for V8 size engines.

All Bob Boyce™ catalytic technology, Hydroxy Gas™• SAVE 25% GAS MILEAGE FOR THE NEXT 25 YEARS! Our cells DO NOT ware out, they run cool and do not erode the electrodes. The cells improve with age! Will last 25 years!

Hydrogen from Water Research

VOLO PERFORMANCE CIRCUITS ARE ALWAYS ON SALE! : still only $89.95 Next closet competitor product is $900!! $89.95 is a GREAT DEAL for more HP and a leaner fuel trims like a fuel saving car has! ( $6.30 USPS shipping)


SAVE 10% to 18% less GAS with a 20 minute install of the VOLO FS3 GAS SAVER or the VOLO FS2-HHO-Edition or VP12 high performance chip. The next closest match is $900!Guaranteed to work or your money back!! You can not lose! Take as long as yo like to try out the chip, if it does not save you gas money, then send it back for a $89.95 return.  New 7.6 version has up to 20,000+ engines mapped! VOLO & HHO RESULTS


New H2eat Burners & torches from Jake Wall

Heater / Grill flame manifold.
See cooking with HHO!
Totally bitchen for BBQ's! LOL
Power the torch or BBQ grill burner with
3 LPM of clean HHO flames!!
A NO CARBON (totally vegan)flame!!

Jake Wall's H2eat TORCHES and torch tips and burners. They need 3LPM+ to produce a good flame.
A torch or HHO/Heater burner would work well powered by a 14/7 or 21/7 CELL
Add a battery and a battery recharger or 40 amp, 14v power supply and plug it into the wall. (120AC)

Hydrogen Garage heats up the shop with clean HHO heat. cleans the ozone air in the shop and also takes out radiation! No carbon in the mix! It will be the gas of the future.

Fuel Vaporizer #4 - by Buddy.
SAVE up to 30% on fuel,
with a simple fuel vaporizer!

Works on MOST GAS cars and pickup trucks!
Carb. or OBD I ( 1987 to 1995) and OBDII
with addition of a Volo Fs2 circuit

Works with a Volo FS2/HHO Edition circuit
(1996 to 2013)
Fuel Vaporizing & HHO and a
Volo FS2 circuit is the
optimum fuel SAVINGS!

New Scangauge D for DIESEL TRUCKS & RV's
$20 off the regular price.
SALE PRICE $155.95!!

The original Scangauge II, for all cars and trucks (1996 to 2013) $155.00 ( Can read and erase engine codes.)

New Scangauge E • Focus on fuel Economy and le$$
than the Scangauge II • On SALE for $92.95

New Rugged! High amp capability PWM Controllers, PWM30 & PWM70 and 24volt PWM30 and PWM70, with current limiting feature, adjustable on the dash!  with digital dash board display, only 5 wires to hook up.  The PWM Controller help shock the water into a magnetic, ionic spin state that is 4x's more powerful than tank hydrogen. Click on the photos below for more info. We have tested many PWM's and most do NOT make the correct wave form to create this magic ortho hydrogen. Most flat line and give out only direct DC. You MUST have the tall square wave to shock the water molecules into the ionic spin state, they help make this more powerful Hydroxy gas! ( only works with 2 volt cell systems, with low 12v leakage.)

The PWM helps make more % of ORTHO hydrogen and oxygen, the 4x's more powerful than para (tank) hydrogen! Other HHO PWM's are only motor controllers, OURS are for the high quality gas production!

Please beware of cheap junk hho cells for sale out on the internet today. Read the HYDROGEN CELL REVIEW

Check out our YOU TUBE for HUMANITY page, take a spin on the 'Truth Side of Life!' We have a wide range of information that may never air on TV. Join humanity's push for the "POWER of LOVE, rather than the love of power." (Jimi Hendrix 1969) Most are waking up? Are you? Come join us! Love rules and heals! Live your fullness!! WE DO NOT WANT TO LOSE OUR US FREEDOM TO A NWO/BANKER/CABAL!


Thank you for your time in reading our newsletter!


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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!! from Hydrogen Garage and Hydrogen Junkie!