12/14 Volt DC Water / Electrolyte Pump

Time proven simple small 12v DC Pump. We found these little DC pumps to work great for years. Watch out for the copy cat ones of the same look on eBay, they do not last long at all. They got an IN and OUT direction with 1/4" ID hose barb fittings. 100% lye proof ( NaOH or KOH electrolytes) We use these small pumps on the bench for cleaning cells and also on HHO cell systems where the tank can not be mounted above the cell, due to space like in our Hydroxy 4 Health box or HHO box. The pump box housing is 1" x 1.5" x 1.25"


Mini Filter Housing

Mini Filter Housing, with a 1/4" ID hose barb fittings on both ends. Comes with a center stainless steel mesh filter. We had pieces of white poly water filter material, inside the SS filter housing. See photos here. We add this to the 1v DC water pump, in a combo. 100% lye proof.


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update 11/15/20