5 Star Burner

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H2eat HHO 5 STAR Burner  HHO cooker/burner, which operates from clean burning hydrogen and oxygen from water. Specailly designed for HHO gas with built in spark arrestor. Perfect orfice for HHO gas. This burner produces a hot flame that can be retrofitted to a small BBQ Grill or cook stove.  The burner has 5 flame tips and can be operated optimally at 4 lpm of HHO ( 600 watts of electric power) and, depending on the generator, consume only 600 watts of input power. .  Ultimately be part of a kit to convert a small propane bbq grill to run on HHO. It runs well on about 4 LPM of Hydroxy® Gas. (40 to 50 amps/12/14volt will run 4 LPM.) Comes with instructions and video links.

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