Hydroxy Gas™ 4 Health

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Hydroxy Gas™ 4 Health

A portable (-)Hydrogen and (-+)Oxygen breathing enhancer or (-) Hydrogen drinking water bubbler. Clean HHO from water. The Hydroxy Gas™ breathing machine should be installed in every hospital. This model is not a consumable product and not medically approved, for testing purposes only.

Watch the video of how it is set up for customers.

This technology is actually ignored, as the patient does not need to come back for more treatments once they are healed. It is an alternative to the oxygen therapy already established at all hospitals. It has a lot of research behind it under a NDA. We are licensed to sell Bob Boyce Inside™ H2O sealed, series cell design patent of 1981. We only present it here for educational purposes. (-) charged hydrogen molecules are looking for a (+) mate for the foal pathogens in your lungs that hold a (+) charge. (+) cancer, (+) virus,(+) infection. The (-) H will bond and marry the (+) pathogen / infection and marry and then dispose of it. It helps your body heal itself. Similar to how the Water Smacker heals you with (-) charged H2O in your drinking water, except faster though the lungs. This gas is highly reactive and can self spark from ortho HHO to para HHO at 10 to 15 lbs, self spark back to para and can blow up the water tank or  cell. So the liability is high. Only sold to friends or health firms for testing. This device creates two (-) charged ortho H's and one (-&+) O gas from water for breathing. Our gas has no carbon in the equation and the gas has no side effects. All natural gas from nature, we just give our gas a static (-) charge, by capturing the aether or non-hertzian energy into the Hydrogen cell. We use a S7 seven plate cell (6 cells inside with 12v power source) with 5 neutral plates that produce a electromagnetic field, along with a (-) inductor toroid to produce 90%+ negative charged Hydrogen and we split the water molecule in such a way that the protons are no longer shared but they -H's are on their own looking for a (+) mate. Infection, cancer, virus are mostly (+) charged, more acidic in nature (+) Once the (-) H gets into your lungs though a nose breathing cannula, it will bond and marry the (+) infection with -H and consume the infection and will help allow your body to dispose of this (+) waste and replace with a more natural (-) charge. We have to state this in not a medical product and the use of it is dangerous. This gas handled in the wrong way is highly dangerous. It can self ignite & spark back from ortho HHO back to the normal para HHO state at 10 to 15lbs of pressure. We provide a Omega safety pressure 5lb. shut off switch. It does come with a UL approved 120v/240v AC to 12v transformer. These units are the present time are built to order, give us a week or 2, to get one out to you. Order by credit card and the $ is authorized first, on day of shipment, we then charge your card. Here is a link to a video of the operation of the Hydroxy 4 Health machine.

Not medically approved read here.

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