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The BB Battery Smacker a 6, 12 or 24 volt battery de-sulfator. It is the only battery recharger on the market today, that combines "Electromagnetic" energy (AC oultet power) and Longitudinal / Non-Hertzian enegry from the ether. Most EE are not taught about longitudinal energy and believe it not to exsist. Ignorance is first, then ridiculed, then later : "I found out about it first!"  Listen to Bob Boyce® the inventor talk about it at the Tesla Tech Conference.

Restore those expensive solar batteries. Will NOT rebuild a damaged battery, but will take of the lead sulfate webbing and turn the lead sulfate back to acid. No other recharger will change the ph of the your electrolyte! That is what the Rejuvenating your battery to extend battery life by double to even triple the life! It also takes the lead sinking to the bottom of each cell and plates it back up on the lead plates. So it does not short the cells as other de-sulfator do. Only the non-hertztain energy does this! Comes fully assembled and tested or a U-solder/U-wind the toroid kit.  Bob Boyce has kept his solar rack of batteries going full charge way past the manf. specs. ( 5 years+, going on 10 years+) Bob has used his battery smacker for 20 years now.

De sulfate your dead batteries, don't buy a new one. Try smacking it first! Hook up this simple device for 2 to 4 hours and you will be surprised how a battery will come back to life. Great for maintaining a rack of expensive solar batteries. Works on 6 volt, 12 volt and 24 volt batteries. Stubborn, older batteries may need 3 days or a week of hook up and pulsing. Some leave on for a month at a time, due to the mill amps (250 ma) and low volts to do it's work. It will not over charge or cook your battery, if left on for weeks. Only uses 10 watts while running. 15v x .5 to 1 amp,

The only battery de-sulfater that uses the pulsing of the electro magnetic field plus the addition of non-hertzian energy. De sulfating potential can be up to 100 volts DC! Using but only 200ma of power!  Batteries can absorb both energy sources. Does not heat up, will last for years to come. NOT like other battery de-sulfators that heat up and get damaged over time and bounces back and forth from 12v to 50 volts causing heat and breakdown of the circuit.

Your power source must be higher voltage than your output battery. ( subject battery that is being smacked.) 12 volts to 16 volts. Works with dry gel cells as well as lead acid batteries!

Bendini has the "Battery Spanker", so we decided to call it the "Battery Smacker." The BB Battery Smacker harbors 2 toroid coils, one positive choke and one negative inductor. A Bob Boyce® invention.

The BB Battery Smacker will only work on batteries who's cells are not damaged. Burnt, bent, or eroded plates will not work. Old batteries that were sitting around for years, may be able to be rejuvented. Some work, some DO NOT, depends on the plate damage, warped or dissolved plates.

Take off the caps and look down into the battery cells with a flashlight to view the crystals and hairs/webbing on the plates. If you see bent plates, you may have a damaged battery.

The lead sulfate will go back to acid, it will rejuvenate your electrolyte!  Batteries will absorb electromagnetic and non-hertizian energy. Batteries like both energy fields. No other de-suflator will rejuvenate your batteries electrolyte back to acid! The longitudinal pulsing does this job. Un heard of. Most do not study the forbidden Tesla technology, taken out of the text books.

Please note the Battery Smacker is hand made in the USA, the toroids have to hand wound and take several hours to wind. The mil spec. silver coated copper wire is expensive. 35' of wire is used in each De-sulfator. $50 of every unit sold goes to Bob Boyce® for his years of research.

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