ICE BLOCK 14/7 HHO Cell Kit

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ICE BLOCK 14-7 Cell Kit   This complete hydrogen boosting kit (minus the electrolyte, NaOH) is perfect for a V8 size engine. (5L engine up to 7.8L) Comes with everything you see in the photo. Comes professionally cleansed and conditioned.  New End brackets can be added for a $50 add on fee.

Time tested Bob Boyce® ortho hydrogen cell design. A real efficient cell out there, always stays cool.  Easy to hook up. with 2 sets of 7 " x 7 " - 20 gauge 316L stainless steel laser cut with configuration of 5 neutral plates. This configuration allows cell to output up to 3.0 LPM. When cell is conditioned correctly it can pull 12.5 amps per liter. Kit includes PWM controller and wiring harness ( not  bag of parts), digital DC ammeter for the dash board, cable, 14-7 plate cell, elbow fittings, 10' of clear hose, 'Y' hose fittings, refill bubbler tank, Hydroxy air dryer, simple wiring harness, relay, fuses and a FS2 Volo HHO-Edition circuit for OBD II cars and trucks only. ( 1996 and newer cars) Older cars 1987 to 1995 we send a DEFIE instead. Carb. engines, we knock off $50.00 from the price. The Volo FS2 circuit is made for your make, model, year of car. Find out first if they make a circuit for your car, here. If you have a pre 1996 car or truck. Cell comes assembled, you will just have to do the install and do the wiring and mount the cell in safe place. Comes with downloadable instructions.The cell block is 3.75" thick, 8.25" tall and wide. Cell width is 3.75" from one end of bolt to another. New stainless steel end brackets. ( add $50.00 option below.)

Approx. amount of LPM (liters per minute) of Hydroxy gas boosting
(hooked up with a PWM, making "ortho-hydrogen") needed for engine size :

V8 cylinder engine ( approx. 5L engine) - 1.0 LPM to 2 LPM

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